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History/ Vision/ Certificates
  • Roya Corp. is the leading mattress manufacturing company in Iran, providing high-quality, enduring and well-designed variety of mattress types including spring, pocket-spring and foam mattresses, as well as other sleep line accessories like mattress bases, headboards, mattress protector, bed cover, guest mattress and pillow.
    We use the best manufacturing equipment to bring you the best possible sleep.
  • We have already been granted the following certificates: 
    Standard mark of national Iranian standard organization.   
    ISO 10668-2010 certificate of brand authentication by ICS Group.
    ISO 10004-2010 certificates of customer satisfaction by ICS Group. 
    Superior quality certificate and mark by ICS group
  • This company has always chosen mutual win-win strategy in the face of customers and this has based the prospect of the company on service goals instead of short-term profit-making targets. 
    We believe that customer satisfaction shall help us proceed successfully within the course we have taken to the realization of our strategic goals.

Roya corp
Common Question
  • How to wash the mattress? Generally it is not possible to wash a mattress notwithstanding at model and brand name and Roys mattresses are not an exception to this rule. Therefore, you are recommended to take use of mattress protecting pads in order to keep the original...
  • How to wash mattress protector? You may wash mattress protecting pad in washing machine at a low temperature and low revolution rate. Whereas different machines have different minimum temperatures, you have to ensure that the water with which the pad is washed is cold....
  • The differences among spring, pocket spring and foam mattresses? You may obtain sufficient information concerning various product groups by visiting products page of the company. There is also the possibility of comparing the different mattresses in a group or those of ...
  • Which mattress do you recommend us to purchase?Selection of a mattress is in principle something fully related with tastes physical and mental conditions, sleep habits, recommendations by a physician, and the funds available to the person are among the decisive elements...
Traded Question

Please consider the following before you raise any inquiry: 

  • Please visit common inquiries page before raising any inquiry so that any repeated inquiry is avoided.
  • In case you have a problem or an inquiry concerning a purchased mattress, please contact after sale service division of the company on 77442345 only. 



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