bullet Question: ?Where stays company’s agency
bullet Answer :

Please visit sale centers page to obtain the contact information of retails shops and sale agencies of the company. 

bullet Question: Which mattress do you recommend us to purchase?
bullet Answer :

Selection of a mattress is in principle something fully related with tastes physical and mental conditions, sleep habits, recommendations by a physician, and the funds available to the person are among the decisive elements in choosing the required product. A mattress creating a desirable sense in a person may create an undesirable feeling in some other individual provided that you are not suffering from a certain disease the best one to choose a suitable mattress is you yourself, therefore. It is you that should choose a mattress taking into consideration your own sleep habits and interests and considering whether you’d like to rest on a soft bed, a medium bed, or a firm bed. Just remember that most expressive mattresses are not necessarily the most appropriate one for you to purchase. It is a combination of number of layers, type of springs and framing structures of mattresses, not their quality that determine their prices. All Roya mattresses are manufactured using the highest quality raw materials. However, you are strongly recommended to try your selected mattress at one of the shops supplying mattresses all over the town before you finally choose the product. Of course there exists the possibility of comparing of several products with each other using the information available in page of products in our website.


bullet Question: Which mattress is appropriate to those suffering from waist discopathy or Neck problems ?
bullet Answer :

When you are suffering a certain problem in waist, vertebral column and neck, the best person who can advise you on choosing a proper mattress is your attending physician or a specialist in the related fields like a neurologist, an orthopedist or a physiotherapist. Therefore, we may not give you a contain recommendation in general. 

bullet Question: The differences among spring, pocket spring and foam mattresses?
bullet Answer :

You may obtain sufficient information concerning various product groups by visiting products page of the company. There is also the possibility of comparing the different mattresses in a group or those of different groups.


bullet Question: How to wash mattress protector?
bullet Answer :

You may wash mattress protecting pad in washing machine at a low temperature and low revolution rate. Whereas different machines have different minimum temperatures, you have to ensure that the water with which the pad is washed is cold. Make sure that an enzyme-free detergent power is used when washing the protecting pad.


bullet Question: How to wash the mattress?
bullet Answer :

Generally it is not possible to wash a mattress notwithstanding at model and brand name and Roys mattresses are not an exception to this rule. Therefore, you are recommended to take use of mattress protecting pads in order to keep the original mattress cover (sheet) you may easily wash mattress protecting pad once in a period and put it back on the mattress. Only in a very rare case when you have to clean the mattress cover, you may clean the dirt or spot with a piece of cloth soaked in carpet shampoo and subsequently put the mattress in the open air so that it dries completely. Ensure that the piece of cloth so used is not wet with water and also ensure that the mattress is fully dried after it has been cleaned. Otherwise, surface of the mattress may give off undesirable smell. 

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