How can you prolong service life of a mattress? You should observe the following 10 points to prolong the service life of your mattress:

  1. Ensure to take into consideration your own body weight an important parameter upon purchasing a mattress and choose the best, most durable one.
  2. Make certain that you have placed the mattress and the bed on a dry even surface.
  3. Whereas the foam used in the mattress may gradually decrease in elasticity, turn the mattress face down once in every three-month period and rotate it by  180 degrees once in every six-month length of time to prevent partial deformity of the mattress and wear of the cover fabric in case the mattress is two sided. You may also help the normal form of mattress be maintained by patting its surface gently after each use. Concerning one sided mattresses you may take use of rotation by 180 degrees and mild strokes on the surface.
  4. Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner occasionally. This may prevent allergy and help you get rid of dust, dead skin cells and any other particles accumulation.
  5. Take use of protecting pad as the outermost cover. This prevents liquids from penetrating into the surface of the mattress and development of spots. You may wash the protecting pad with cold water occasionally. Remember that protecting pad does not play the role of a bed sheet and it may not be taken as a replacement for a bed sheet.
  6. Do not let children use the mattress as an acrobat net.
  7. Avoid bending of the mattress under any conditions whatsoever
  8. Avoid placing of hot, heavy, or wet objects on the surface of the mattress.
  9. Ensure not to wash the mattress. Various layers of the mattress are made of fibers, foam, and foam washing a mattress is not only useless in that it doesn’t make the mattress cleaner, but also damaging as it may make the mattress yellowish and result in its giving off undesirable odors. The best way of keeping the mattress cover clean and neat is to use mattress protecting cover.
  10. In case the mattress becomes wet by accident, ensure to place it in open air so that it dries completely. 
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