Which aspects are excluded from quality warranty?      

  • The damage from wrong displacement and transport (bending the mattress, its being dropped down from an automobile)
  • The damage from a tear in mattress cover and in the bed (box) because of hitting by sharp and cutting objects.
  • The damage from placement of heating elements such as iron on the mattress and bed (box).
  • The damage from placement of the mattress on smaller uneven beds.
  • The damage from the placement of heavy objects on the mattress and the bed ( box)
  • The damage from washing of the mattress and the bed (box) or from spill of liquids.
  • The damage from wrong assemblage of bed (box) swivels.
  • Wrong choice by the buyer upon purchasing the mattress.
  • Taking of a wrong size by the buyer upon purchasing the mattress.
  • Termination of quality guarantee period of the mattress. 

Some important points

  • Date of enforcement of quality guarantee period of Roya mattress is the date on which you purchased the mattress mentioned on your purchase bill by the shop.
  • Ensure upon taking delivery of the product that the mattress has a barcode (at the position of the trademark sewn beside the mattress). Also ensure that there is a quality assurance card inside the mattress package.
  • To receive after sale service you should have the product purchase invoice and quality assurance card. Therefore, be diligent to keep and maintain them.
  • In case any of the aforesaid documents ( purchase invoice and quality assurance (guarantee) card) is missing quality guarantee period concerning your product shall be void and the company shall be under no obligation to provide service.
  • The service shall be provided within quality guarantee period of each mattress only. The guarantee service shall be provided for the mattresses in which a technical defect emerges (in the absence of manipulation) within the aforesaid period.
  • The company shall provide no mattress repair service and shall not replace a mattress by a new one (even at customer’s own cost) after termination of quality guarantee period.


Please contact quality assurance (Guarantee) service unit on +98 21-77442345 only.

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