Roya corp. with over of a quarter century experience is honored with the manufacture of the highest quality pocket spring, bonnel spring and foam mattresses along with some accessories items such as mattress bases, headboards, mattress protector, bed cover, guest mattress and pillow.
Our advanced, highly automated manufacturing facilities include a whole lexicon of top quality machinery including:  
modern wire drawing line (Italy), 
coiling and assembly machines (Switzerland), 
computerized quilting machines (Italy), 
in-line polyester lining production and feeding systems (Spain), 
foam production system (Norway), 
foam cutting and automatic storage systems (Germany), 
thermo-bond hard felt production line (Spain), 
knitting machines for fabric production (Germany), 
Automatic packing system (Italy).
Now Roya corp. as a superior manufacturer in the Middle East has a complete manufacturing line of mattress production as follows:
Foam mills
Felt mills
Jacquard ribbons 
Wadding mills
Wire drawing
Spring mills
Framing mills
Embroidered role 

And it is ambitious enough to think of manufacturing globally superior products and globalization of its activities. 

Objectives & perspectives 
A strategic approach to providing for ever greater customer satisfaction
Taking use of highest quality raw materials 
Utilization of the most advanced machinery available in the world and in accordance with superior manufacturing standards 
Employment of creative specialists 
Extreme diligence to ensure supplying of fully reliable from the viewpoint of health and hygiene 
Increasing effort for the improvement of product quality by implementation of technical development projects, promotion of manufacture engineering and organization of continuous training courses for the human power; 
Industrial sufficiency and independence in production of every component of mattresses 
This company has always chosen mutual win-win strategy in the face of customers and this has based the prospect of the company on service goals instead of short-term profit-making targets. 
We believe that customer satisfaction shall help us proceed successfully within the course we have taken to the realization of our strategic goals.

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